The Wexford Paranormal Team

Michael Benson - Founder/Lead Investigator
Pic of Michael BensonMichael is Founder and Lead Investigator with Wexford Paranormal. For many years he has been involved in the Paranormal, some by choice and many more by circumstance. He continues to be an avid researcher into this field and currently works with a 17 strong team of paranormal Investigators. Working in this field using both scientific and spiritual methods of research he has had the pleasant opportunity to meet and work with many interesting and like-minded individuals. While there are many well renowned and well documented “Haunted Locations”, Michael hopes that in developing this Paranormal Research group we can unearth some heretofore undiscovered gems of paranormal activity and in doing so advance both the field of research itself and the rich tapestry of active locations that abound on this fine island of ours.
Michael Carroll - Tech Specialist/Lead Investigator
Pic of Michael CarrollMichael comes from a technical background and is in the computer business. While more than comfortable with electronics, technology and gadgets, he has always been intrigued by the unknown and became interested in ghosts and the paranormal at an early age. Working with Wexford Paranormal, he hopes to help others to find answers, peace and closure in their lives and maybe find some answers along the way. He feels both privileged and honoured to work with such a dedicated and committed team as Wexford Paranormal. He is married to Brid and has three children Chloe, Vincent and Michael Jnr.
Veronica Letsome - Investigator
Pic of VeronicaA mother of 3 grown up girls living in Wexford for 14 years. Veronica has a love of old houses and churches and the history attached to them and her in interest in the Paranormal started when someone told her to watch Colin Fry and the "Sixth Sense". From there she watched and loved "Most Haunted" when Richard Felix was in it. Veronicas interest in the paranormal grew from watching these programmes and now she is totally hooked on it. When I look back on certain things in my past I realise this could have had something to do with Paranormal activity. I'm also very much into Orbs love to know all about them. I'm delighted to be part of the Wexford Paranormal Team in which I feel very honoured to be a member.
Carol Cooney - Investigator
Pic of CarolMother of 2 girls(in college). Civil Servant :( Originally from Dublin , in wexford 12 years and loving the country life.Live in Craanford (gorgeous). Energetic lifestyle,to a point that is.Play badminton twice a week.(That may suffer now for a while cos we will be so busy with investigations) Love to lunch with friends.Love to travel.Love Australia.Have to go to Italy (someday). Have been interested in the paranormal forever.Feel my grandmother around me all the time.Tend to feel and sense things but not see .Doing a course in Reiki.Have done one in mediumship and angel card readings.

Breda Benson - Investigator
Pic of BredaAs a child I had my own experience when I saw the Spirit of my Grandfather's brother.
I have therefore always been interested in the Paranormal and I am delighted to now have the opportunity to do what I have always believed in and to be part of a great team.

Cheryl Bates - Investigator
Pic of CherylCheryl works as an office administrator in a busy veterinary centre and when she is not working she enjoys many past times. These include a love of animals, spending time with family and friends and of course the paranormal aspect of life. Cheryl didn't really know much about the afterlife, or spirit world much until her gran passed away in 2005. Although she always had a keen interest, after that time she always sensed her gran around and knew she was there looking after her. She has found interest in the angels and believe everyone has a spirit guide and angels to protect them. Being a member of wexford paranormal has opened her mind to the paranormal world and she has become more in tune with spirits around her which she feel may have been there all along. Cheryl finds using our equipment very interesting and loves being part of a great team as we all get on so well. Her aim for being part of wexford paranormal is to help others find a sense of closure and understanding and to discard any fears, where possible. Cheryl believes that the though of our loved ones be around us, even when they cross-over, very peaceful, comforting and a privilege.

Stella Bates - Investigator
Pic of StellaStella loves all things spiritual and has an avid interest in history. Joining Wexford Paranormal has combined these two interests, allowing her to both develop her psychic skills and immerse herself in history. Stella has completed Reiki I and II and also has an interest in crystal and angel healing.

Teresa Winters - Investigator
Pic of Teresa

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