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If you are currently experiencing strange occurances that you feel may be paranormal activity, we may be able to help you. It may be a case that you hear unexplained noises, find that items get moved without explanation or you may have seen, heard or sensed something strange in your home or business.

Sometimes these sort of things can be explained and sometimes they cannot.

To put your mind at rest, we can arrange to assess, investigate and research the location and present you with our findings. We provide our services free of charge and in the event that we confirm the presence of what we would regard as paranormal activity, we can advise and help you further at that time. We provide a completely confidential service and we are both discreet and insured.

If you would like to request an investigation, please fill in the details below and click the 'Send Request' button. This form should only be used to request private investigations. For general or public location suggestions, please use the 'Suggest Location' form instead.

The details below are intended to give us an idea of what you are experiencing. Once we have reviewed your details, our Case Manager will contact you directly.


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