Open Investigation Locations


Our main aim as a team is to provide a free service to anybody who experiences any form of paranormal activity in their lives. We also carry our investigations at public locations when we are able to gain permission to do so.

In addition to private investigations and our own investigations, fom time to time we also run open investigations at specific locations. This allows people who are not part of our team to join us ghosthunting for a night.

We've listed locations where we run open investigations below and we have provided more detailed information.



Enniscorthy CastleBuilt over 800 years ago, Enniscorthy Castle has an incredible history including sieges and battles, including a visit by Cromwell's forces in 1649. Over the years, it has played a huge part in the development of the town of Enniscorthy.  Weford Paranormal have visited the castle  on many occasions and it has become one of our favourite locations to visit.

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