Below is a list including the majority of investigations that Wexford Paranormal have carried out since
January 2011.

Please note that a number of investigations are not listed as they may have been deemed
to be sensitive, etc.

We've also included details of a number of planned investigations and events.

19/02/2011   Loftus Hall   Investigation
28/02/2011   Wicklow Gaol   Investigation
14/03/2011   Hook Lighthouse   Preliminary Investigation
18/03/2011   Wicklow Gaol   Investigation
24/03/2011   Undisclosed   Investigation
08/04/2011   Duncannon Fort   Investigation
13/04/2011   National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy   Investigation
27/04/2011   Private Residence, Gorey   Investigation
09/05/2011   Enniscorthy Castle   Investigation
12/06/2011   National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy
with Irish Ghost Hunters
24/06/2011   Enniscorthy Castle   Public Investigation
27/07/2011   Athenaeum Thretre, Enniscorthy   Preliminary Investigation
10/08/2011   Private Residence   Investigation
07/09/2011   Private Residence   Investigation
14/10/2011   Enniscorthy Castle
with South East Radio
  Investigation / Halloween Special
28/10/2011   Enniscorthy Cstle   Public Investigation
25/11/2011   National 1798 Centre, Enniscorthy   Investigation
09/03/2012   Private Residence   Investigation
06/04/2012   Private Residence   Investigation
24/04/2012   Enniscorthy Castle   Team Visit
06/05/2012   Enniscorthy Castle   Public Investigation
19/05/2012   Ducketts Grove
with KIPS and ECHO
  Joint Investigation
22/05/2012   Enniscorthy Castle with BEAT FM   Private investigation
03/06/2012   Enniscorthy Castle
for StrawberryFest 2012
  Public Investigation
15/06/2012   Private Case Kilmore, Co Wexford   Private Investigation
20/07/2012   Private Case Ballymurn   Private Investigation
10/08/2012   Private Case, Wexford Town   Private Investigation
18/08/2012   Enniscorthy Castle
with Causeway Paranormal
  Private Investigation
24/08/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
14/09/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
19/09/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
15/10/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
17/10/2012   Duncannon Fort with Beat 102-103   Hallow'een Radio Recording
19/10/2012   Ducketts Grove with South East Radio   Hallow'een Radio Recording
26/10/2012   Hallow'een Investigation at
Enniscorthy Castle
  Open Investigation
09/11/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
19/11/2012   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation (Follow up)
22/11/2012   Undisclosed Location    Private Investigation (Prelim)
06/12/2012   Undisclosed Location    Private Investigation (Prelim)
11/01/2013   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
18/01/2013   Duncannon Fort   Open Investigation
23/01/2013   Private Residence   Private Investigation (Prelim)
30/01/2013   Private Residence   Private Investigation (Prelim)
08/02/2013   Private Residence   Private Investigation (Prelim)
13/02/2013   Private Residence   Private Investigation (Prelim)
23/02/2013   Private Residence   Private Investigation (Prelim)
25/02/2013   Undisclosed Location   Private Group Investigation
15/03/2013   Wicklow Gaol   Open Investigation
10/05/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Research
17/05/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Research
24/05/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Research
31/05/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Charity Open Investigation
20/06/2013   Undisclosed Location   Research
21/06/2013   Undisclosed Location   Research
28/06/2013   Undisclosed Location   Private Case
19/07/2013   Undisclosed Location   Private Case
02/08/2013   Undisclosed Location   Private Case
17/08/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Visiting Team
Down Paranormal
24/08/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Visiting Team
Irish Paranormal Investigators
30/08/2013   Charleville Castle as Special Guests with
Gillian Murphy and Spook Troop Tours
  Paranormal Night /
Open Investigation
06/09/2013   Undisclosed Location   Team Project
08/09/2013   Undisclosed Location   Team Project
11/10/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Public Event
25/10/2013   Enniscorthy Castle   Open Investigation
17/01/2014   Enniscorthy castle    
17/01/2014   Undisclosed Location   Private Case
08/02/2014   Duncannon Fort   Raven Paranormal Investigations
21/02/2014   Ducketts Grove   Public Charity Night
22/02/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Cork Supernatural Society
28/02/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Austria Paranormal Investigators
01/03/2014   Duncannon Fort   Austria Paranormal Investigators
02/03/2014   Courtnacuddy   Courtnacuddy Project
03/03/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   John Tobin
04/04/2014   Charleville castle    
13/04/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Ghost Circle
25/04/2014   Enniscorthy Castle    
09/05/2014   Enniscorthy Castle    
22/05/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Barry Fitzgerald with Guests
29/05/2014   Enniscorthy Castle    
07/06/2014   Enniscorthy Castle    
13/06/2014   Duncannon Fort    
20/06/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   "Haunted Wexford" book launch
27/06/2014   Duncannon Fort    
04/07/2014   Duncannon Fort    
02/08/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Visiting team from Germany
04/08/2014   Duncannon Fort   Visiting team from Germany
13/08/2014   Enniscorthy Castle    
27/08/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Film Crew
21/09/2014   Undisclosed Location   Private Investigation
10/10/2014   Undisclosed Location   Private investigation
24/10/2014   National 1798 Centre    
29/10/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Steve Parsons lecture workshop
30/10/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Steve Parsons lecture workshop
31/10/2014   Enniscorthy Castle   Halloween Public/Open Night
24/01/2015   Charleville Castle   With Ghost Troop Tours
20/02/2015   Duncannon Fort   Public/Open Night

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