Haunted Wexford

News FlashWe are delighted to announce that the publishers are bringing forward the release date for Michael Benson's book "Haunted Wexford" from August to June, 2014. This means the book will be hitting the shelves a whole two months earlier than anticipated and anybody who has already pre-ordered will be receiving their copies two months earlier as well. Don't forget that you can still pre-order now using the links below or just pick up a copy from your local bookshop in June.

Discover the darker side of Wexford with this collection of spine-chilling tales from across the county, written by the founder of Wexford Paranormal.

This spooky selection features stories of unexplained phenomena, ghostly apparitions and poltergeist activity and includes tales from well-known locations such as Enniscorthy Castle and Duncannon Fort as well as those from private dwellings.

"Haunted Wexford" draws on historical and contemporary sources, including many first-hand experiences and previously unpublished tales, and will enthrall anyone interested in the unexplained and the paranormal.

"Haunted Wexford" is currently available to pre-order on line from amazon.co.uk and thebookdepository.co.uk


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