Glossary of Paranormal Terms


A way of communicating with ghosts and spirits which usually involves a number of individuals seated around a table.


A person who can see or feel ghosts, spirits and other entities. Can also be used as a broad term for mediums, psychics and clairvoyants

Sixth Sense

A term used to describe psychic powers or PSI.

Sleep Paralysis

When you seem awake but are unable to move. It can occur at sleep onset or when awakening


A term used to refer to the apparition of a spirit or ghost.


The Spiricom is an electronic audio device build in 1980 by William O'Neil to specifications which he received psychically from George Mueller, a scientist who had died six years previously. O'Neil claimed to able to hold two-way conversations with spirits through the Spiricom device, and provided the design specifications to researchers for free.


A spirit is a generic term used to describe any entity that was never human like angels, demons, elementals or other Gods.

Spirit Guide

A spirit that watches over the living and guides them.

Spirit World

A term used to describe the general dimension or plain of existence for entities.

Subliminal Perception

When you perceive something without conscious awareness.


Is a demon that can appear in female form and seduces or assaults men. These attacks usually take place while the victim is asleep.


Anything beyond the definitions and accepted boundaries of the natural world.
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