Glossary of Paranormal Terms


The theory that highly emotional situations or feelings can leave an imprint or copy of themselves on this plane of existence and replay again and again like a tape recorder. This can lead to residual hauntings.


A demon that can appear in male form and seduces or assaults women. These attacks usually take place while the victim is asleep.


This is when multiple ghosts or spirits are involved in a haunting. This term is also used to describe a very intense rise in paranormal activity.

Inhuman Spirit

A nonhuman spirit.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

Realtime communication with spirit where responses can be heard as they happen. Similar to EVP but differs in that EVP recordings are generally not audible at the time of recording.

Intelligent Haunting

When paranormal activity interacts with the living and shows intelligence.


The summoning of spirits.
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