Glossary of Paranormal Terms


When used in the paranormal field it means when a ghost or spirit repeats what you say.


An altered state of consciousness in which the person experiences great rapture and loss of self-control.


A semi-fluid substance exuded by a physical medium from which materializations may form.

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF)

Electric and magnetic energy (electro-magnetic) from natural and unnatural sources. There is a huge body of evidence that suggests paranormal activity can be accompanied by unexplained and localised changed in EMF.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Voices and noises recorded on audio equipment that are usually not audible to the human ear at the time of recording.


A nonhuman spirit with a connection to the elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

EMF Meter

EMF detectors are devices used to detect localised changes in EMF fields, which may or may not relate to paranormal activity in the area.


A person sensitive to paranormal activity.


A broad term used to describe a paranormal being like ghosts, spirits and elementals.


The summoning of spirits or ghosts.


The removal or expulsion of demons or other negative entities from a person, place or object. This is usually performed by a demonologist, shaman, priest or witchdoctor.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

The psychic ability to receive information about future, present or past events not attained through normal human senses.
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