Glossary of Paranormal Terms


Generally understood to be the extinction of an organism's life.

Deathbed Experience

A dying person's awareness of the presence of dead friends or relatives.

Deep Trance Medium

A psychic who allows a ghost or spirit to enter them for communication purposes.

Deja' Vu

The feeling that you have experienced a place or situation previously.


A term used to refer to any kind of anomalous experience.


The paranormal fading or disappearance of a physical object.


A negative or malevolent nonhuman spirit.

Demonic Haunting

A haunting by a negative nonhuman spirit or spirits.

Demonic Possession

Is the control of an individual by a negative entity.


An expert in nonhuman or demonic entities and who may perform exorcisms.


The paranormal movement of objects out of a secure enclosed space.

Direct Voice

A voice heard in a seance which does not seem to emanate from any person. The voice may seem to come out of thin air, or from a trumpet used specifically for this purpose.


Another name for a ghost or spirit with no body.

Discarnate Entity

A spirit or non-material entity. Often used to refer to the personality of a deceased individual.


Is the ability to feel or perceive something with your mind or senses.


A spirit or ghost with no body.

Disembodied Voice

A voice that comes from no physical body or any person in the area.


Obtaining information of future events by outside forces.


A mirror image or double of a person seen by the person themselves or by a 3rd party.

Double Blind

An experimental procedure in which neither the subject nor experimenter is aware of certain key and fundamental features of the experiment.

Dowsing or Divining

Locating objects, water, portals, ley lines or supernatural energy with dowsing or divining rods.
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