Equipment We Use

KII EMF Meter   KII Meter
This device is used to measure Electro-magnetic Field (EMF) fluctuations in the environment. Any EMF that emanates from a man made source tends to be constant. The theory with regard to Spirits concentrates on their ability to manipulate the device and cause significant fluctuations in the EMF field. The KII accurately detects the presence of EMF fields, has a fast response time and is well proven in the field as an EMF detection device. It is however unsuited to precise measurement of EMF field strength as it lacks a digital display. The KII is a firm favourite with many paranormal investigation groups worldwide.
FLIR Thermal Camera   FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
A thermal camera is a special type of camera that displays (and records) pictures using infrared radiation, identifying heat distribution in the area being viewed by means of a range of colours. The camera essentially shows heat. Our thermal camera allows us to easily and quickly identify hot and cold spots and instantly analyse the temperature in an area. We use an industry-standard FLIR thermal camera which can accurately measure temperatures in the range -20°C to +250°C. Recorded images are stored for later analysis and reporting.
Mel Meter 8704R   Mel Meter 8704R
The Mel Meter 8704R is a dual display EMF and ambient temperature monitor/detector. The unit is rated to measure the EMF band from 30Hz to 300 Hz which is 20Hz lower than the K2. The Mel meter circuit design combined with careful shielding and grounding techniques, is not susceptible to false positives created by mobile phones, Walkie Talkies, and other RF interference transmitting devices. It has a red “Night View” backlight display, dual display of EMF and ambient temperature, a night vision safe flashlight built in, a record facility which captures min & max Values, an extremely accurate exposed type K thermocouple temperature detector and the scan rage is adjustable from 20 to 2000 uTesla or 200 to 20,000 mGauss.
Digital Voice Recorder   Digital Voice Recorder
Essential kit for any Investigator of the paranormal would include a digital recording device for EVP sessions. Used to capture disembodied voices that go unheard during an investigation but heard afterwards when playing back the recording. Digital tends to be favoured over conventional tape recorders as the noise generated by the motor can impede the quality of the recording and give unnecessary background noise.
CCTV with DVR   CCTV with DVR Recorder
Used in situations that call for continued, long term capturing of any environment, there cameras are used extensively by most if not all Paranormal Investigation Teams working in the field today. CCTV systems allow us to accurately record video of areas that are of specific interest during investigations. We then perform a detailed analysis of all the recorded video off-site after the investigation.
Non-Contact Thermometer   Non-Contact IR Thermometer
“Cold Spots” are a phenomenon often encountered by Investigators Sudden drops in temperature are often attributed to Spirits who, when drawing energy from the atmosphere cause sudden unexplained temperature fluctuations and these can be measured using a device such as this. They effectively allow us to take accurate, long-range temperature readings throughout an investigation. It should be noted that some Non-Contact IR Thermometers give inaccurate readings outside documented ranges.
Camcorder with Night Vision   Camcorder with Night Vision Function
Used “on the fly” by Investigators, this equipment with night vision function can assist with the potential of capturing any visual evidence that might take place and used to present case evidence to the client after the investigation
EMF Pump   EMF Pump
An EMF Pump is a device which generates a high-powered electromagnetic field instantly. Theories suggest that providing an entity with energy in the form of a raw electromagnetic field may give them the energy they need to manifest. This particular EMF Pump was built by Wexford Paranormal and is mains powered to maximise the strength of the EMF field it produces.
Infra-Red Extender   IR Extender
This device is used to significantly extend the night vision range of any camcorder and as such greatly increases the effectiveness of the camcorder as an investigation tool
Torch   Torch
This one speaks for itself, but is an important safety tool when working in dark and unfamiliar environments at night.
2-Way Radios   Two Way Radios
Weather is to contact other team members or used to check location in response to noises or sounds, Two way Radios are an additional aspect of core safety kit while at a location.
Temperature/Humidity Logger   Temperature/Humidity Logger
Quite often when there is paranormal activity, the environment of a room or area will change in some inexplicable way for a period of time. This change is commonly known as a 'cold spot' or a 'hot spot'. Keeping an accurate record of the temperature is an important part of an investigation and using automated logging equipment allows a precise record of the temperature and humidity to be recorded while freeing up members of the investigating team.
Infra-Red Beam Barrier   Infra-Red Beam Barrier
Infra-Red (IR) Beam alarms consist of a transmitter unit and a separate receiver unit. The units need to be perfectly aligned with one another to work properly. If the infra-red beam between the units is broken the alarm is triggered. The alarm can be set to chime once or chime continuously or can be set to a continuous siren. Each pair features a coded infrared transmission, can be switched to high or low power output and the alarm volume can be set. The IR Beam alarm can be used to detect movement within a restricted area or to lock down a specific area that is being monitored.
Geophone Vibration Detector   Geophone
A geophone is an extremely sensitive vibration detector. It will pick up the slightest vibrations and show a visible representation as a line of bright lights. The sensitivity is adjustable and will always be specific to the location. The device is used to provide visual evidence to back up claims of bumps, footsteps, etc..
Trifield Natural EM Meter   Trifield Natural EM Meter
The TriField Natural EM Meter was designed to do field measurements for special research. It detects changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields, and signals with both a tone and the movement of a needle-type gauge if either the electric or magnetic field changes from previous levels. A radio and microwave detector is also included, which reads radio power directly. Because man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, the meter has been designed to ignore AC fields. Normal construction materials don't block magnetic fields, so the meter can be placed indoors and will work equally well, and due to the built-in tone, it can be used in the dark, and will sound the tone at whatever level of field the user sets.
DVR Motion Detection Camera   DVR Motion Detection Nightvision Camera
This camera is intended to be set up at a fixed location and features a high quality colour picture with IR Night Vision and PIR or motion detection triggering. It also has a built-in cicrophone which records real time audio and is configurable for detecting Motion, PIR or both Combined. It can also be used as a handheld camera and can be used to feed a CCTV system. It has an audible alarm which can be armed or disarmed and records on memory cards with real-time date and time stamping. It can be locked off at a particular location and checked periodically... it will only record when triggered.
Laser Grid   Laser Grid
The Laser Grid is a high-power compact laser fitted with a diffusing lens which projects a green-dot grid pattern onto a wall, ceiling or even throughout a complete room. The lens can be swapped to give a range of projection patterns, which can then be adjusted during setup. The laser is generally fixed to a tripod or stand with a camera positioned behind it. The projected grid is extremely useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation as the projected light pattern serves as a visual anchor and also makes it very easy to spot even the smallest disturbances of the laser beam.

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