Apports and Deports

The terms 'deport' and 'apport' are used to describe the disppearance and appearance of physical objects for no apparent reason.

Deport refers to the disappearance and strictly speaking, the term is used to describe the disappearance of an object from a secure enclosed space.

Apport is the term used to refer to the appearance (or perhaps reappearance) of physical objects, seemingly from nowhere.

Both terms are often associated with the materialisation and dematerialisation of objects at séances. However, paranormal investigators frequently use the terms to refer to items that disappear from and appear at a location, sometimes even in the course of investigations .

It is not uncommon to find reports of paranormal activity including claims of items appearing and disappearing. This could be money, keys, etc and invariably, when items disappear, they will eventually reappear after a period of time.


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