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wexparanormal: May 31st, an 800 year-old haunted Co. Wexford castle. Would you survive the night? Ring Enniscorthy Castle (053) 923 4699 for tickets + info
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wexparanormal: Just 8 days to the Charity Public Paranormal Investigation in Enniscorthy Castle - call the castle on (053) 923 4699 for tickets and info
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wexparanormal: Follow Wexford Paranormal on Facebook at
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wexparanormal: Charity Public Paranormal Investigation with Wexford Paranormal in Enniscorthy Castle on May 31st, 2013. Tickets available-Call 053-9234699
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wexparanormal: Tickets on sale today for Wexford Paranormal charity investigation in Enniscorthy Castle on May 31st. Call Enniscorthy Castle (053) 923 4699
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About Wexford Paranormal

Wexford Paranormal are a 14 strong ghost hunting team, based in Wexford Town on the south-east coast of Ireland.

We offer a professional, free-of-charge paranormal investigation service using the latest equipment and methodology and our aim is to scientifically investigate alleged hauntings and/or paranormal activity.

We can provide advice and assistance with:

  • Types of haunting's
  • Investigation support
  • Research (where possible) the history of the Location
  • Arranging to assess and investigate location

We may be able to help if: You hear unexplained noises, find that items get moved without explanation, have seen, heard or sensed something strange in your home or business.


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